Chapin Custom Molding

Chapin History

A Long Tradition of Quality Begins…

Early History

In 1884, Ralph E. Chapin was 21 years old and opened a hardware store with his brother-in-law Frank L. Harris. The store was called “Harris & Chapin Hardware.”  This store was located In Oakfield, New York.  The store employed 15-20 employees and served the communities hardware needs.  One of the largest purchases made at the time was

kerosene.  This was largely due to the fact that homes were still illuminated using it.  Customers would transport the kerosene in their personal receptacles, and they weren’t sturdy.  The receptacles either leaked or were in need of other repair.  Ralph E. Chapin wanted to make a more leak-proof container.

The Beginning of Chapin

Frank Harris and Ralph Chapin worked together on the first container.  They manufactured it in the back of their store.  Making these containers proved to be a successful business for them, and they expanded the company.  Their first catalog was created in 1887.  At the time they offered galvanized ironware containers.     

Chapin International Inc.

In 1881 Chapin sprayers moved their headquarters to Batavia, New York, a city just outside of their original location in Oakfield.  The Batavia facility was the former GTE Sylvania Plant.  It covers 700,000 square feet, and Chapin International Inc. is presently in the same location.  Since it’s opening Chapin has been creating containers for the lawn and garden industry.  Currently the facility has a 24/7 manufacturing operation.  Designing, blow molding, testing, and much more occur in this facility.       

Chapin Custom Molding

Chapin International Inc. expanded their blow molding success by opening a subsidiary in Elyria, Ohio on June 29, 2018.  The company celebrated by having a cookout to meet-and-greet each new employee.  Chapin Custom Molding covers 80,000 square feet.  This expansion provides new products and capabilities that channel multiple industries such as toys, automotive, pool supplies, pet supplies, and much more.  The facility offers design services, blow molding production, assembly, and onsite warehousing.