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Chapin Sprayer History Patents

Manufacturing is in our DNA.

When American homes were still illuminated with kerosene, Ralph E. Chapin provided it to his customers at his family’s hardware store in Oakfield, New York, along with his business partner and brother-in-law Frank Harris. When he continually noticed leaks with the tanks his customers brought in, Chapin knew he could design and provide something better. This grew to manufacturing storage tanks, pumps, compressed air sprayers and hand sprayers.

It’s been over a century and we’re still designing and producing industry-leading home and industrial sprayers, spreaders, irrigation and accessories. Chapin continues to grow as a global corporation with subsidiaries in the United States and manufacturing plants around the world. Headquartered in western New York, Chapin is a US corporation that employs American workers in our factories and we are actively part of, and contribute to the local communities where we manufacture. And… the vast majority of Chapin products are made in the USA with global materials.


At our home in Batavia, New York, Chapin sprayers are designed, fabricated, formed, assembled, coated, tested, packaged, stored and shipped to customers around the world. One of the world’s largest sprayer manufacturing plants, our facilities were created to meet both current and future demands.

Chapin products must pass strict quality control standards before being shipped. We’re the only sprayer manufacturer to offer a 12-step, computer-controlled, Tri-Poxy® coating process to inhibit corrosion and rust on all metal sprayer interior seams, welds, crevices, bottoms and walls.

Need assistance? Our customer service teams are dedicated to providing you with order, product, technical support and shipping information. Our service teams are located on-site in Batavia.


Chapin International Inc. expanded their blow molding success by opening a subsidiary in Elyria, Ohio on June 29, 2018. The company celebrated by having a cookout to meet-and-greet each new employee. Chapin Custom Molding covers 80,000 square feet. This expansion provides new products and capabilities that channel multiple industries such as toys, automotive, pool supplies, pet supplies, and much more. The facility offers design services, blow molding production, assembly, and onsite warehousing.  

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