Chapin Custom Molding

What We Customize


We offer our blow molding skills with many different colors to choose from.  Whether for camping, auto industry, children’s toys, and much more!


Branded and ready-to-go!  Let one of our experts know what you’re looking for in a fished product.  We will work with a design you already have, or work on a new one. 


If you’re looking for blow molding services for the first time, or have an idea for a new piece, then you’ve come to the right place!  We can design, mold, and warehouse!

Industries & Categories Involved


Our staff tests each product to ensure it’s ready for the customer every time.  High-quality, durable, and able to handle extreme changes in temperature is what we try to accomplish in the product we deliver.

Pet Supplies

We can blow mold durable storage for pets, accessories and other essential equipment for everyday use.  There are many colors to choose from and our customer service team can assist you with any questions you may have.   

Pool & Spa

If you are looking for a high quality blow molded piece, or several pieces for indoor/outdoor use then look no further.  We offer the right material with a wide range of colors to choose from. 

Farming, Lawn & Garden

Molding ATV tanks or even a simple one gallon sprayer is not a problem.  We are well versed with decades of hands on experience in creating precise tools for this industry. 


Vibrant colors, customized to your specifications, and depending on the project we can assemble/warehouse it.  We understand that children’s toys will be seen in family portraits, and become more than something they play with.  Contact us to see how we can help with your next project.


We can accommodate anyone at any time, in any field.  If you specifically know what you’re looking for, then please fill out a form on the “request an estimate” page.  We also have a form on our contact us page if you’re interested and just starting out, or have general questions.